Staging / Orchestra Area / Fly System

  • Stage Dimensions:
    Curved Proscenium arch – 50’ wide at stage level, 32’ high at CL
    Stage width 50’ + wings = 106”
    Stage depth 38’
    Wing Space – 30’ Stage Left, 26’ Stage Right
    Offstage vertical height to second floor pin-rails – 37’ 0”

    Stage Floor Surface
    Stage floor is a sprung dance floor constructed with rubber
    supports topped with two layers of ¾ “ plywood and surfaced with
    a layer of ½ “ hardboard (masonite).
    Color is black. Surface is consistent from wall-to-wall.

    Client will be responsible for any floor damage or repainting if
    necessary after use. Permission must be obtained from facility
    technical management prior to lagging into or painting the

  • Acoustical Orchestra Shell
    A one-of-a-kind one-piece orchestra shell is housed in a garage
    upstage of the main stage-house. When in use, it travels forward
    into the stage house, effectively placing the performers in the
    same acoustical space as the audience. If you plan on using this
    shell, please contact the facility Production Manger for
    additional information.

    Orchestra Pit
    Hydraulic Orchestra Pit cover can be raised from orchestra pit
    level to audience or stage level. Portable seats are available
    to add for additional seating when cover is at audience level.
    When completely lowered, there is an additional 8’ of space for
    orchestra members under the stage.

    Stage Trap System
    A stage trap system is available for use. Please contact
    facility management prior to planning use of these traps. Client
    is responsible for extra cost/labor for removing and replacement
    of trap doors.

  • Fly System
    Counterweight system, all single purchase
    59 fly lines plus 1 House Curtain line
    Low trim – 4’ 0”
    High trim – 77’ 0 “
    Locking rail located SR at Stage Floor Level
    Belaying pin-rails located 10’ off stage at approximately 40’
    high for cable picks

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