Power / Lighting / Audio

  • Power Connections
    Audio Company Switch:
    One 60 Amp 3 Phase with Isolated Ground Down Stage Left
    One 60 Amp 3 Phase with Isolated Ground Down Stage Right

    Lighting/Motor Company Switches
    Two – 400 Amp 3 Phase Switches on Stage Left Wall (Cam-lock

    Additional Power: 100 amp, 220 power is available in the
    following locations:
    · Upstage Right
    · Upstage Left
    · Downstage Right
    · Downstage Left
    · Pinrail level on Stage Right and Left

    Headset/Paging System
    The Center features a four-channel Clear-Com headset system with
    stations liberally spaced throughout the facility. Paging to
    lobby, backstage and dressing rooms is available from the Stage
    Manager position, as well as other locations in the facility.

    Follow Spots
    Two Robert Juliat Follow spots are located at the apex of the
    rear catwalk in an enclosed spot booth. Spots are available at
    an extra charge. No other matching follow spots are available in
    the facility. If your production requires additional spots,
    please discuss this with the facility Production Manager at
    least two weeks prior to your move-in.

    Lighting System
    A basic hang plot has been established for the Globe-News Center
    and is available for client’s use. Any changes or additions to
    this basic plot are the client’s responsibility and the basic
    hang must be restored as part of the move-out. A list of
    equipment can be found on the last page of this document.
    Lighting diagrams and hang plot are available by request.
    Lighting equipment is listed at the end of this document.
    · ETC Sensor system with 3-pin connectors on three house
    catwalks and various other locations throughout the theatre.
    · Onstage electrics powered from the grid using 150’ socapex
    cables with 3-pin fan-outs.
    · ETC Net throughout the facility.
    · ETC ION control board with remote video node and
    wireless remote focus unit.

    Audio System
    A complete in-house audio system is available. Control is from
    the audio control booth. The booth is located on the Orchestra
    level and has sliding windows to allow hearing. Additional house
    mix location is available in the seating area. Any use of this
    mix position requires the removal of seats. Please be sure this
    is discussed with production and box office management prior to
    opening of ticket sales.

    As of this version of this document, the audio system is still
    being installed. More information will be available when the
    installation is complete.

  • Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts
    Stage Lighting Inventory
    Source-4 10 degree 40
    Source-4 19 degree 75
    Source-4 26 degree 75
    Source-4 36 degree 68
    Source-4 50 degree 16
    Source-4 Par 20
    Par 64 Cans 50
    8” Fresnel 12
    6” Fresnel 2
    4 Cell Far Cyc units 12
    Source-4 MultiPar Strips (3 Circuits per strip, 4 lamps per circuit) 9
    16 Bull Dog Pro – LED Lights
    Robert Juliat Aramis Follow Spot 2

    Single 12” Sidearm With Tee 60
    Snoot for 10 degree Source-4 40
    Snoot for other Source-4 50
    Half hat for Source-4 30
    Snoot for Par 64 20
    Pattern holders for Source-4 40

    5’ Cable 60
    10’ Cable 50
    25’ Cable 30
    50’ Cable 20
    Twofer 40
    Threefer 40
    150’ 6 Circuit Socapex Multicable jumper 32
    Non-staggered 6 Circuit multicable breakout 16
    Staggered 6 Circuit multicable breakout 24
    Non-staggered 6 Circuit multicable breakin 1
    Heat guards 8
    Scenery guards 24
    Cable hampers 6
    21’ Boom with flange and pickup ring 8
    10’ Boom with flange and pickup ring 4
    Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts Audio System
    The Globe-News Center combines acoustic excellence with an outstanding
    Audio system. The system is a Left, Center, Right system that can be
    configured for most audio needs. Following is an overview of available

    · Console: Soundcraft LX7 32 input console with programmable mutes
    · 56 channel snake system from stage to booth with additional cable passes
    for supplemental runs
    · 4 channel Clear-Com system
    · Back stage, onstage, and lobby paging program system


    · Center cluster speakers – 2 EAW MQM 1364’s and 1 MQM 1410 (4×10 low freq.
    See MQM1215 for similar specs) and bottom tier of MQM DF (custom
    wide-pattern downfill box)
    · Left and Right stacks suspended include 1 MQM 1364, 1394,1410 per side
    · Subwoofers single SB250 and SB180 per side
    · Front fills – Six JF80 attach to front of stage. Pit must be down to use
    these fills.
    · Under-Balcony Fills – Nine JF80 under balcony fills patchable on an
    individual speaker basis

    · Amps are all Crest CK series
    · 8 channels of unassigned amplification for effects and/or onstage monitors
    · Jacks located throughout house for additional use
    · Speakers are all tri-amped


    · 1 Yamaha 2PX 2000
    · 1 T.C. Electronic M2000
    · 1 Lexicon MPX 1

    · 8 Channels KlarkTeknik Compressors

    · 8 Channels KlarkTeknik Gates

    · 4 KlarkTeknikGQ 600 Stereo EQ Units

    · 2 Tascam CDRW 2000
    · 1 Tascam MD 350 Mini-Disc
    · 1 Tascam CD-OIU Professional CD player


    · Control Booth – Sliding window to allow sound in
    · Rear two rows – Under balcony eliminates 12 seats (normal house set)
    · Rear five rows – Also under balcony eliminates 30 seats

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