Dressing / Wardrobe / Shore Power / Catering – Green Room

  • Dressing Rooms
    All dressing rooms are equipped with lighted individual make-up mirrors and lavatories with hot and cold water.Three small “headliner” dressing rooms designed for 1 or 2 people each are located at stage level across the hallway off stage left. One dressing room has its own restroom, with the other two dressing rooms share a restroom. An additional “quick change” room is also located next to the headliner dressing rooms with no toilet facilities. All showers are located on the second floor.Five large dressing rooms are located on the second floor, accessible from stage level by a stage left stairway or backstage service elevator. Second floor Dressing room area includes the following:
    · 4 Dressing rooms designed for 8 people each
    · 1 Dressing room designed for up to 40 people
    · 5 individual Shower rooms and Men’s and Women’s Rest Rooms located adjacent to the dressing rooms by a common hallway.
  • Wardrobe Area
    A wardrobe work room is located on the second floor, adjacent to the dressing rooms. It includes extra circuiting for irons and steamers, as well as washer and dryer hookups and a laundry sink. It is accessible by backstage service elevator.
  • Shore Power
    One 100 amp 220V power supply located just inside loading dock door.
  • Catering / Green Room
    A Green Room is located off stage left adjacent to the headliner dressing rooms. No cooking provisions have been made in the building, and any and all food preparation must be done outside of the facility. Please discuss catering needs with the Civic Center Complex Production Manager.

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