Amarillo Civic Center Complex Parking/Traffic Update

Revised February 9, 2017

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Road/Lane closures:

Buchanan Street: The center and west/left lanes are closed from Eleventh to Fifth Avenue. The east/right lane remains open.

Fillmore Street: The east/right two lanes are closed from Seventh Avenue to Fifth Avenue.

Pierce Street: The east/left lane is closed from Fifth to Eighth Avenue.

SE Sixth Avenue is closed from Buchanan Street to Fillmore Street.

SE Seventh Avenue to SE Tenth Avenue are closed from Buchanan Street to Pierce Street.

*Due to multiple cross streets being closed to the west of the Civic Center Complex, when leaving please consider using SE Fourth Avenue or SE Third Avenue to Pierce Street (if taking I-27) or Taylor Street (if taking I-40). Eastbound and northbound routes from the Civic Center Complex are not impacted at this time.

Updates will be made to this page as they are available. Please check this page prior to attending an event for scheduled lane and/or road closures.

Parking closures:

The parking lot south of the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts is no longer open. All other surface parking lots around the Amarillo Civic Center Complex are available to use.

Please check this page prior to attending an event for current updates.


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