Venue Rental Rates

All persons or organizations using the Globe-News Center first must sign a standard rental agreement, which covers all relationships between yourself and the Globe-News Center. The rental fee is based on the area of the Globe-News Center used. All or a designated portion of the rent is due upon the signing of the agreement. The balance of the payment is due at least seven days prior to the day of the event. Payments should be made at Civic Center Administrative Offices. The Globe-News Center requires a current certificate of public liability insurance showing that a current insurance policy is in force and the City of Amarillo is named as an additional insured at the time of the event. The amount of insurance should be a minimum of $250,000 / $500,000 bodily injury and $100,000 property damage.

Globe-News Center
Daily Rate
Theatre $1800 vs. 10%
Lobby $2625
Education Room $600
Founder’s Lounge $210

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