1. How do I rent a room/hall?
Please contact our Booking Coordinator, Dorthy Brown at (806) 378-9321 or click here to send her an e-mail.

2. How long is the room ours for?
In general, rooms/halls are made available to the customer from 7am to 11:59pm the day of the event.

3. What time does the Box Office open/close?
The Box Office opens from Noon to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.

4. What are we allowed to do when decorating our room?
Click here to see our decoration guidelines. If you need further assistance, please contact our Event Supervisors.

5. Are tables/chairs included in the rent?
No, tables and chairs are not included in the rent. However, we will not charge equipment rental fees if the client sets the tables and chairs up. Click here to see the equipment rental page.

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