Auditorium Page


The Amarillo Civic Center Complex Auditorium is a 2,324 seat proscenium theater with no balcony. The fly system features thirty-seven single purchase and five double purchase lines. There are also five motorized electrics and one manually operated Grand Drape with travel in both directions. There are seven dressing rooms of various sizes located off stage left up on flight of stairs. The Auditorium has an Electro Voice sound system with a center cluster and twenty-four microphone inputs around the stage. In addition, a twenty-four channel E.V. mixer board and a 300' long, thirty-six by six audio snake is available. Cassette decks, CD, microphones, cables, mic stands and other audio/visual equipment are available for rental. A Telex headset system is in place with jacks throughout the theater and four wireless headsets that interface with the system plus ADA system.